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AJ the Awful

Happy Nights Noir Print

Happy Nights Noir Print

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Happy Nights is a noir cityscape that takes place in Queens, NY

Edge to edge Print of a hand-painted artwork by AJ the Awful
Each print fits in an 11" x 14" frame

Artist Statement:
In this scene is my beloved liquor store. I love it for no other reason than the staff is nice, and knowledgeable. They also have a great selection of whiskey. But this painting is not about the liquor store. It’s a more realistic representation of an average night in the neighborhood. You, the viewer, are caught in the glow of isolation - although there is clearly plenty of sociable company to be had in the distance. But no matter how long you look, you will remain an outlier with a spotlight on your own thoughts. Not every night in NYC is an adventure - especially for the average aging young adult. Most evenings are spent walking home in solitude - a passerby in the backdrop of other people’s seemingly thrilling lives. It’s okay to be there. Stand in the discomfort. The world doesn’t always need to know you’re interesting. For a moment it can be your secret



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